Time: How to Stop Wasting It and Start Gaining It

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As the old saying goes, “time is of the essence,” yet a plethora of us still seem to waste it on a myriad of pointless activities and bad habits. Whether you’re that person or not, it’s imperative that we know thy time — and to have such a grasp on it is to stop wasting it. Still trying to figure out how to add more time into a 24-hour day? While it’s impossible to do the latter, here are three quick tips you can begin incorporating today to regain a handle on it.

Allot Yourself More Time Then It Takes

First and foremost, when an app such as Google Maps tells you it will take 45 minutes to get to your destination, that doesn’t mean you should allot yourself that exact amount of time. It’s always a beneficial practice to give yourself a 15-20 minute cushion (longer for bigger trips). This is because inevitably, interruptions, or unexpected tasks will ultimately come up. When they do, this approach will usually provide you with the ample cushion you need to offset any lateness.

Plan Ahead to Prevent Failure

Another great saying is: “If you fail to plan, then plan to fail.” A key contributor to lateness is tackling each day without a well thought out plan of action. Be it going to work, or simply preparing your next leisure activity, it would behoove you not to anticipate the day — or weeks — ahead. A great way to start this process is by using the iOS notepad feature on your phone, or by jotting down lists the old-fashioned way.

Delegate When Necessary

You may be dead-focused on saving money, and that is a very smart habit to develop. However, what we sometimes fail to realize is that with — let’s say it again — time of the essence, it’s sometimes more beneficial to spend a little more money in order to gain that time back. Services such as laundry drop-off and grocery delivery may be worth it in the long-run, as they’ll save you a boatload of it.

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