5 Empowering Statements That’ll Stop Your Procrastination

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So it’s the umpteenth night you put this oh-so-important project (or insert other important obligation) off, and the time you have to complete it is dwindling down rapidly. If this is you, and you’ve done this on multiple occasions, then chances are, you are a procrastinator. But please don’t feel guilty about it — these days it’s a pretty common trait. However, while you shouldn’t dwell on it, you should be proactive in eliminating the habit — especially as it pertains to your goals.

Since there’s already a hodgepodge of “How to” articles on this extremely spoken about topic, we want to add another mental weapon to your bad habit-kicking arsenal; five empowering statements that’ll stop your procrastination. If done daily, these powerful sentences will have you on the fast track to slaying the “last-minute” dragon in less time than you think!

  1. If I don’t complete this project in a timely manner, how can I expect to reach my goal(s)?
  1. If I complete this project ahead of time, then I’ll have more time to relax and reap the benefits.
  1. If I procrastinate again, I’m only going to add more stress to the situation.
  1. The greater amount of time I put this project off, the less reachable my goal(s) is/are.

     5. If I expect to be successful in the long-term, I cannot disregard what needs to be done right now.

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