Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid: Common Items That You’re Missing

cleaning mistakes to avoid
Many people are so focused on cleaning their pillow cases and sheets that they fail to realize that the pillow itself must be washed.

When it comes to keeping your home clean, most of us do a really good job at taking care of the common areas: the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedrooms. Furthermore, we succeed, with ease, at dusting and wiping primary items that they’ve chosen to occupy those very spaces; furniture, countertops, photo frames, and most other belongings. However, unbeknownst to many, there are a handful of common items that you’re missing. In this article, we briefly go over “Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid.”

Unless our doors or closets are off their hinges, or broken, we must use handles and doorknobs to get inside of them. After all, they are the mechanisms for opening them. While we are usually focused on cleaning the door’s glass itself (if applicable), it doesn’t dawn on us that we’re committing a one of several cleaning mistakes to avoid on them; non-sterilization. To assure they aren’t riddled with germs and bacteria they must be sterilized. Germs are apparent on the hands; Hence, why door knobs and handles are a common place for them. A disinfectant and/or a multi-purpose cleaner, on a weekly basis, will do just the trick for this.

In the hot summers for coolness, or to simply to air out a room, fans have been one of the home’s most important assets. Although we have no qualms about using them for our benefit, we often forget to periodically check the tops of their blades; if untouched, they usually have a significant amount of accrued dust. A simple duster will do the job for this. However, for fans, especially the ceiling kind, that haven’t been cleaned in ages, you’ll likely have to go them twice, Post de-dusting, it doesn’t hurt to follow that up with a good multi-purpose cleaner wipe down. If it’s your typical case fan, you can easily remove its cage and clean it in the same manner. 

Another item on our “Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid” list is not washing our pillows. We are so keen to clean their cases and sheets every week, but we fail to do so with the item(s) themselves. For foam pillows, Good Housekeeping recommends vacuuming them for dust removal. Unfortunately, it’s not wise to put these kind inside a washing machine. However, some of these can be washed by hand. For optimal results, it’s always best to follow the pillow’s tag instructions accordingly. For fiberfill or down pillows, the site recommends washing two at once; ideally in a washing machine without an agitator.

And last (on this blog) but not least on the “Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid” list is not regularly sterilizing your coffeemaker. Although most of us swear by java, we don’t bother to clean inside and around the machine. Scary but true, most individuals don’t consider it a breeding place for mold and bacteria; but it indeed is. In actuality, all of the machine’s removable components should be washed with warm water and soap after every use. On a monthly basis, an equal amount of vinegar and water should be brewed in it to eliminate hard mineral buildup

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