How to Create a Solid Pre-Work Routine

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Here you go once again, like a chicken without its head — rushing to work in a tizzy.  You figured you would wake up bright and early; but that didn’t happen did it? While you were figuring out what you wanted to wear, you realized one (or more) of those items were mixed into your laundry. Furthermore, those dirty clothes are overdue for the laundromat. You also didn’t prep any food so now you’re having to scramble for something on the way to work — or will skip it altogether. Does this all sound familiar? Then you, my friend, need to create yourself a solid pre-work routine — and delegate all the menial tasks that are minimizing more time.

The brain is like a muscle; the more you put it through repetition, the more you could use it to your benefit. The less you use any routines, the more that your life — from an organizational standpoint — will be unpredictable. If you begin creating the foundation for a solid routine, you should immediately start to reap the following three benefits:

  • Less Stress
  • More time
  • Better Production

While there are thousands upon thousands of self-help books on solid routine building, most individuals will realize the greatest improvement through simplification of the process.

After arriving home from work — prior to partaking in your leisure activities — you should make it a goal to have all your necessities ready for the following work day. However, if you did want to lay low for a few hours before getting completing your routine, that is fine as well — as long as you’re not too tired to prepare everything when the time comes.

The 5 building blocks for a solid night-before-work routine are as follows:

  1. Pick out your outfit and iron (or use a steamer), if necessary.
  2. Cook and/or prep the food you need to cover your work day.
  3. Purchase a container and fill it up with water.
  4. If you’re a coffee drinker, be sure to set your timer the night before; to assure it’s made upon you waking. Do purchase a coffee travel mug.
  5. If you use any products such as hair gel, makeup, or lotions, have them lined up in their usage order prior to applying them

Side note: All items, especially the important ones, should have a designated spot. Try to place them there after every use. Soon, your brain will be able to locate them on autopilot.

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