First Impression Nightmares: 4 Home Cleaning Habits That’ll Scare Off Your Date

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So you’ve been on a couple dates with a lovely potential suitor and things are going extremely well. With the situation panning out quite nicely, you’ve decided to invite him or her back to your place. Now, if your pad is spotless, you’ll have nothing to worry about. However, if your cleaning habits are — for lack of a better word — “piss-poor,” then she or he will be saying sayonara quicker than you could say “next date.”

Here are five bad home cleaning habits that will have your date running for the hills. That is assuming that your date isn’t messier than you, or a hypocrite.

Foul Odor

Unless your love interest is nasally congested, this particular habit will drive him or her right out the door. A fresh-smelling home is a happy welcoming home. On the other hand, a pungent pad will likely have your date gasping for air, and the exit. To solve this, weekly cleanings (on all surfaces), laundered clothing, and uniformly spaced out air fresheners will do the trick.

An Unsanitary Toilet Seat

Whether you’re popping open a bottle of fine wine, or partaking in ice waters, it’s a given that your guest will be heading to the bathroom. When he or she gets there, it’s imperative that all surfaces are sanitary; especially the toilet seat. Along with your weekly cleanings, a fresh bowl should be at the top of your agenda. Not only could its germs be detrimental to your health, but its appearance will certainly skeeve your date out.

An Empty Refrigerator

Alright, so maybe this one isn’t as severe as some of the others on this list. However, it doesn’t bode well for your at-home hosting abilities if you don’t have ample food and beverages to serve your guest. Whenever you’re anticipating having company, your home should be stocked and ready for the gathering — snacks, water, and flavored beverages, among other things, should all be at your disposal. Although it may not lead to severed ties, it won’t sit well if your guest has to stay parched, or hungry. And no, water out of the sink faucet is still unacceptable unless it’s purified.

An Overflowing Sink of Dishes

Just one more dirty plate and cutlery set ultimately leads to… more dirty plates and cutlery sets if your sink’s left uncleared. Look, nobody said they had a passion for cleaning dishes. But, no one also said that they fancied a plate of dishes higher in altitude than Mount Everest. In order to prevent this from happening, one should ideally wash everything right after its use. This is unless you have a dishwasher, which could be filled out for a smarter clean. Either way, if your kitchen is a nightmare than it won’t reflect well on your home’s hygiene.

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