How to Hang Your Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Bracket

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Congrats to you for finally buying that flat screen TV you’ve always wanted. Let’s be honest, that 200lb. artifact taking up space in your basement has long worn out it’s welcome; your buddies just haven’t gotten around to coming clean about it. With football season now upon us, your latest investment will well exceed the price you paid for it. Now, first thing’s first: that latest purchase of yours isn’t going to mount itself on your wall.

For it to be done right, it will involve more than a couple tools. Sound like too much work for you on your leisure weekend? Worry not, we’re here to help you streamline the process.

Tools of the Trade Needed:


  • Screwdriver


  • Level


  • Stud finder


  • Tape Measure


  • Pencil


  • Wrench


  • Socket Wrench


  • Tape Measure




  • TV Wall Mount


  • Flat Screen TV

1. Attach the Mount to the Back of Your Flat Screen


Tools: Screwdriver, Wrench, Level


  • Find the mounting holes in the rear of your flat screen.

wall mount

  • Connect the mounting arms into the holes of your new TV with the provided bolts.


*Be sure not to overdo it and strip those respective bolts and that your (2) mounting brackets are level to one another. Your flat screen should be facing up. If the TV is facing down it could be damaged.


2. Attach Wall Mount Bracket to Appropriate Wall Spot


Tools: Tape Measure, Socket Wrench, Stud Finder, Pencil, Power Drill


  • Figure out your ideal spot for the wall mount bracket to be placed.


*The flat screen’s power cord should be able to reach an electrical outlet*


  • Use a stud finder to find two studs inside your wall that will maintain the weight of your TV.


  • Mark the respective locations with your pencil. Use a nail to confirm that there are studs.


  • Measure the space between the top and bottom holes of each flat screen’s mounting arm. Put two points in the middle of each wall stud.


  • Verify that each arm’s mounting holes are level with one another.


  • Use your power drill to make holes for the wall bracket screws/bolts.


  • Attach the wall bracket plate to the wall by utilizing the screws/bolts with your wall mount kit.


*If these are lag bolts, use a socket wrench. Also, plug in your cable wires before moving onto the next step


3.  Hang Up Your Flat Screen TV With Care


Tools: None


  • Lock the flat screen’s mounting arms into the wall bracket plate.


*Use the TV manufacturer’s directions for optimal efficiency. Verify each connection is secure and make sure each one works


  • Adjust where necessary.


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