3 Fun Furniture Ideas That’ll Jazz Up Your Place

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So you just moved into your spankin’ new pad and you want to liven up the place? While it goes without saying, it would undoubtedly be a lot less difficult to settle on your average run-of-the-mill furniture. However, bland furniture for the eccentric-minded — or the aspiring eccentric for that matter — shall not be an option. This is exactly why we’ve scoured the web to give you four fun furniture ideas that’ll have your future home dwellers ranting and raving; in a good way.


Sleep Maximization

When it comes to life’s necessities, sleep is certainly one of them. After all, how many times have you heard your peers, at least the ones that care, tell you it’s imperative to get eight hours of shut eye? With that said, you’ll be more likely to get the proper amount of z’s if you’re doing so in a bed you fancy; comfort aside of course.

One of the beds that has given even the most creative furniture minds a run for their money is HeyTeam’s Multiplo. The best part about it is that it quadruples as the following:


  • A lounge seating set


  • Storage space furniture


  • King-sized bed


  • Rectangle-shaped table


Unorthodox Seating Arrangements

Whoever said that chairs were just for sitting were surely mistaken. This especially rings true for well-known designer Tess Hill’s brainchild, the half chair hanger. With safety at the utmost top of your head and a trusty power saw, this could be accomplished rather quickly. Lastly, the half-a-seat is raised and hung upside down. The two remaining legs serve as hangers. Feel like climbing up a wall? Save yourself the energy and consider this sofa wall climber.



Are you a minimalist who just so happens to have a deep respect for Japanese culture? Then this minimalist Japanese dining table, with legless chairs, will be a match made in dining heaven. It is low to the ground but exponentially high in personality. Furthermore, sushi at home won’t be nearly as far-fetched of an idea. Looking to partake in your grub a little higher from the floor? The creative dining swing table is just for you. Simply summed up: it’s a seven-person swing set with a table in the middle.


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